The Unicorn Dialogues

The Unicorn Dialogues
What is “Dialogues with the Unicorn” about? These are communications with a unicorn about life, sickness, death, happiness and other profound subjects. The wisdom of the unicorn is life-changing and beautiful.
The Dialogues will appeal especially to those who accept knowledge from many sources and have open and supple minds. There is nothing to believe here. The teachings of the unicorn are open to all, and I invite you to read and decide for yourself if they resonate with you.
I was privileged to have dialogues with a unicorn who visited me on a number of occasions. I asked questions and was able to write down our conversations. The answers contained so much beauty and wisdom that I wanted to share them.
For centuries, unicorns have been mythologized and fictionalized in cultures all over the world. The unicorn was mentioned as early as 400 BC and referenced in Sumerian, Semitic, Indian, Persian, European and Asian texts. Unicorns are universally seen as beings who personify beauty, love, healing, and peace.
I believe many sensitive beings have perceived and seen unicorns on earth. There are people all over the world who love unicorns and feel a close connection to them. To these kindred souls and to the merely curious, I say, welcome, and Be Always Glad.

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About Charlotte D'Aigle

Charlotte has been a spiritual seeker throughout her life. She taught and lectured on Hawaiian spirituality for 25 years and is the author of a book, “Fundamentals of Hawaiian Mysticism.” She completed training to be a Druid. Charlotte  says: “I became ill with a lung problem that would not go away. I saw a doctor and took medicine but the problem persisted. During a meditation, a small white unicorn appeared to me and announced it was a healer. This initiated the series of dialogues that brought not only healing, but much enlightenment." 

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