Message from the Unicorn
BE ALWAYS GLAD.   At one point in our dialogues, the unicorn gave me a motto and said it would be helpful to me. “Be Always Glad” had a strange ring to it at first because I didn't understand how anyone could be ALWAYS glad in a world where things so often go wrong.

I began practicing this motto and had to remind myself many times a day when I was frustrated, upset, or angry, to “be always glad.” I have come to feel that this motto is quite profound, and while it may not be easy to achieve, making the effort is very worthwhile.

We use the word “glad” in a different way today. When the rain comes after a drought, we say, “I'm glad it's raining.” Webster's definition for this usage is “delighted or pleased.” The word derives from the Old English word Glaed meaning “smooth,” and the archaic usage is “cheerful, joyous, or merry.” I believe this is closer to the unicorn's meaning.

How can we be always cheerful when there is conflict, illness, and all the other woes around us and in us? That is the point! We can focus on the woes or we can focus on what is right around us. This doesn't mean that we ignore the woes--certainly not, or we wouldn't have a chance of altering them--but it does mean that we remind ourselves constantly what is positive about our situations at every moment, not just at peak moments when we would naturally experience happiness.

Many situations that we consider to be difficult are only that way because we magnify them in our minds and focus on the downside. From minor inconveniences to major tragedies, we can “be always glad,” that is, grateful, positive, and forward-looking. Living in the moment helps us attain this state since our woes are intensified by worries and anxieties about the future. If we plan for the future but stay present in the moment, we are much better equipped to deal with things than we realize. If we continually look at the positive aspects of the situation, we will find the blessing in disguise.

Do practice being “always glad,” during the moments of your day. It is amazing how this simple phrase puts things into perspective and lightens your existence.

Thank you, Unicorn!

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