Peace of the Unicorn

The unicorn stands for peace, which Webster's defines as “tranquility of mind, harmony and serenity.” This is not the peace of submission or apathy but rather the state of realizing oneness with all beings and the absence of conflict that results.

During the dialogues, the unicorn gave a special message to the world: “You have more pain than you need have. You inflict pain on each other. There is no need. Love brings more power to you than hurting.”

The unicorn knew first-hand the sufferings of the world but knew that we add to them by our actions of aggression and violence. The unicorn advocated kindness and respect for all beings. Realizing that you are one with all others cancels out divisions that create harmful attitudes toward those others. Love toward all others may not be a realistically attainable state on a daily basis but understanding can be.

Practice peace in your immediate surroundings. When angers flare, first realize your oneness with those who have incurred your anger. You are literally one with other beings, though you have separate expression as an individual. As an individual unit, you must defend yourself from harm. The more peace you put out into the world, however, the less this will be necessary.

Do not turn away from anger. Anger is a natural human emotion and needs to be understood and processed, rather than expressed inappropriately or explosively. Second, strive for understanding of yourself (why did you become angry?). Why did the other behave in a way as to cause you anger? Third, look at how you might express the anger in an appropriate way that would help the situation. Do you need to confront the person who caused you anger? Write a letter? Take action? What is the constructive path in this situation?

If expressing yourself to the person is called for, do so in a way that takes a path toward a positive result rather than a prolonged conflict. Before any confrontation, MAKE A GESTURE OF KINDNESS.

Everything in the Universe responds to love. Remember, the unicorn said that “Love brings more power than hurting.” Hurting causes more hurt and creates a cycle of violence that is never ending. Follow the way of the unicorn and seek middle ground where peace can be realized and harmony established.

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