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Excerpt from The Unicorn Dialogues 

Samha: You hurt one another far too much. It makes us cry sometimes. We retreat then, to our world. We always come back because your need is great.

Charlotte: Do you mean, hurt as in wars? Cruelty? Other ways?

Samha: Every kind of physical and mental harm.

Charlotte: You see all of our misery, our wars and killings and all the rest.

Samha: There is no need.

Charlotte: We have beauty, too, and love. People do help one another.

Samha: That we see, too.

Charlotte: Do they not balance out, the love and the harm?

Samha: There is too much harm.

Charlotte: How can we be more like you? Peaceful and cheerful?

Samha: Be always glad. Sing every day. Prize one another. Hear beyond the sounds of earth to the music beyond. Make your dwellings beautiful. Celebrate your life, not only on your birthday but all the year.

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